Man drove bike at police officers in bid to escape

A SOUTH Elmsall man who drove a stolen motorbike between police officers in a bid to escape has pleaded guilty to breaching his asbo.

Taylan Demir, 21, of Wesley Street, shouted threats and swore at the officers as he tried to get away from them.

Pontefract Magistrates’ Court heard on Friday that the owner of the motorbike noticed it had been stolen in February.

He later received information about its whereabouts and told police, who turned up at Demir’s house on Tuesday, May 10.

The two officers were making their way down the side of the property when they spotted Demir on the bike in his garden.

Prosecutor Adrian Knox said: “On seeing the officers Demir started up the motorbike. When it became apparent that he was about to ride off the two officers stood at the back gateway to stop him leaving the garden.

“But even that didn’t stop him. He rode towards them, albeit not at great speed, and pushed between then.

“He forced his way out in an attempt to get away.

“He was swearing and shouting threats at the officers. One of them grabbed him and pulled him off the motorbike. There was a bit of a struggle.”

Demir admitted using abusive or threatening behaviour, which he was prevented from doing so by the anti-social behaviour order (asbo) made in July 2008.

He had already pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods at a previous hearing.

Mitigating, Chris Morton said: “The defendant agrees he was approached by a local drug user and was offered a cheap bike. He paid £100 for it.

“He knew it was worth more and turned a blind eye to the fact that the man would not have owned it legally and lawfully.

“With regards to the breach, he lost control of his emotions as he knew he would lose the bike, would not get his money back and would likely spend 36 hours in custody.

“He did not aim at the officers and did not want to injure them.”

Magistrates agreed to defer sentencing for both offences until December 12, to tie in with a crown court ruling that Demir needed psychiatric reports to explore a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder.