'Low life' burglar stole dead grandmother's ashes during raid on family home

Daniel Fryer stole dead grandmother's ashes in raid at family home
Daniel Fryer stole dead grandmother's ashes in raid at family home

A burglar stole a dead grandmother's ashes during a £34,000 raid on a family home.

Daniel Fryer took part in the break-in as a mum, dad, seven-year-old child and a newborn baby were asleep at the house.

Leeds Crown Court heard Fryer forced his way into the house and stole car keys to an Audi A4 and an Audi Q3.

The vehicles, worth £34,000, were driven away from the property in South Hedinldey, near Wakefield.

Timothy Jacobs, prosecuting, said jewellery including a wedding and an engagement ring worth £2,500 were stolen along with watches and a mountain bike.

Fryer, 20, also stole a key ring which contained the ashes of the late mother of the dad who lived at the house.

The incident happened in the early hours of July 29 this year.

The parents awoke to discover their garage had been broken into and access to the house had been gained through a kitchen window.

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Fryer was spotted by police as he drove the Audi A4 later that day at 7.50pm in the Hemsworth area.

Mr Jacobs said Fryer failed to stop and reached excessive speeds as he tried to get away.

He drove through a pedestrianised area in Hemsworth and came close to knocking down a member of the public outside Barclays Bank.

He also mounted pavements and drove across grassed areas in the vehicle.

Fryer tried to run from the car but was chased on foot by officers and caught.

He was wearing one of the watches stolen in the burglary.

Text messages on his mobile phone revealed how he had boasted to his girlfriend about "having two cars and some watches."

The prosecutor said only the Audi A4 and the watch had been recovered.

Mr Jacobs read a victim statement to the court on behalf of the mum.

She described how their elder child was now scared in her own home.

The theft of the ashes had also left them devastated.

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The watch stolen by Fryer had been a fortieth birthday gift she had bought for her husband.

She said: "Now he will not wear it due to this low life stealing it and wearing it himself.

"Me and my husband have worked hard to provide a secure home for our children and he has taken it away.

"I hope he realises what a sick individual he is."

Fryer, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to burglary, theft, dangerous driving, having no insurance and having no driving licence.

He was sent to a young offender institution for 40 months.

Caroline Abraham, mitigating, said: "He is realistic about the sentence.

"There is nothing I can say that detracts from how unpleasant these offences were."

Fryer was also banned from driving for 32 months.