‘Lifeline’ creche that helps parents to exercise will close at end of May

Thornes Park stadium. (Pictured courtesy of Google)
Thornes Park stadium. (Pictured courtesy of Google)

The decision to close a leisure centre creche will leave parents struggling to exercise, families have warned.

Wakefield Council will shut the facility at Thornes Park stadium, pictured courtesy of Google, in a cost-cutting move on May 31. The creche looks after children aged six months to five-years-old so that parents or carers can workout or take part in fitness classes.

Julie Hart, whose family use the facility, said she was “disgusted” by the decision.

“This brilliant facility has been there for years enabling generations of parents and carers to exercise and keep fit,” she said.

“On one hand, the council encourage people to have an active lifestyle, on the other they remove the only means some people have to do this.”

Megan Hart said:: “This facility was my only way of getting to the gym every week. My little boy loved it too. Like many mums I have now had to cancel my membership.Absolutely appalling decision from Wakefield Council.”

Sophie Mei Lan added: “The creche is a lifeline for so many parents. It is always full.” The creche is open between 10am and 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and costs £2.05 per child. The authority said it had reviewed the service as it looked to make savings.

Julie Russell, Wakefield Council’s service director for leisure, said: “We carried out a consultation with users of creche to see if there was a way the costs could be covered to keep the service running.
“Unfortunately, an increased price and upfront booking policy would not be able to provide the long term security needed to keep the facility open due to low numbers of people that use it.” It said it would look to provide other exercise opportunities.