LETTERS - Spend at home first

HOW much does it cost for a Cruise Missile? £900,000? I am so glad we didn’t waste money on something stupid.

Has Britain gone mad? We are a country with empty pockets starting another multi-billion pound plus conflict.

This is a country that can’t afford to police the streets, a country that can’t take care of its old people, a country closing down day centres for disabled children, a country closing Sure Start centres, yet this government can find billions to waste on another conflict.

How much more satisfying it must be to confront Colonel Gaddafi than to deal with rising unemployment, soaring inflation, failing schools, housing shortages and a stagnant (soon to be in recession) economy and all the rest.

What Gaddafi has inflicted on his country is a crime.

Yet it is no greater crime than our allies in the Middle East have inflicted and continue to inflict on protesters and innocent civilians.

It is ugly. It is messy. It is heartbreaking.

The price in human lives, in money that could have been better spent on schools, hospitals, the NHS our employed 18 to 25-year-olds, on anything better than bombs.

After all we are all in this together.

Neil McDermott

Longdale Drive

South Elmsall