LETTERS - Response to criticism

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I WRITE in reply to Councillor Womersley’s letter printed on January 27.

For over two years, Hemsworth Town Council has been the subject of accusations and allegations regarding its plans and the standard of the new facilities it is providing for our Township.

We read with concern the letter from Councillor Womersley in last week’s Express that continues with this.

We stand by our statement of the previous week that money is still outstanding to this community in the form of costs from the withdrawn appeal against the failed Judicial Review by the Action Group and that Councillor Womersley, contrary to what he is telling people is fully aware of the legality of this as he has confirmed this in e-mails in our possession to Hemsworth Town Council.

As for what was displayed at our consultation day regarding what was to be provided at the new Sandygate site, we still have all the displays in our archives to disprove the allegations of missing facilities.

Sport England is satisfied with the standard of the new football facilities as we have met and exceeded their E4 like for like policy.

It is time to stop using our townspeople, especially our children, as pawns and let them decide for themselves by using the new football facilities they fully deserve and the new services that will be available at the new community centre.

It is not appropriate to comment further at this time as the Town Council will be discussing at next week’s Town Council meeting issues surrounding taking legal advice on the serious allegations made by Councillor Womersley against Hemsworth Town Council and its new facilities.

Councillor Graham West

Chairman – Hemsworth Town Council