LETTERS - MPs need to represent us

The Barnett Formula has possibly no meaning to most readers and few would think it affects them.

However, the Barnett Formula is the government’s means of dividing the country’s revenues out amongst the four nations; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It affects us all as England receives less money per head then the other three nations by more than £1,000 per person. Thus Scotland and Wales can afford to use their money for free prescriptions, whilst we in England pay.

Scottish students get help with their university costs whilst our children will now run up debts into the thousands of pounds.

In 2009, the House of Lords declared this funding as unequal and unfair and said it should be scrapped. Yet we in England will see job losses and services cut whilst Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are business as usual. What on earth are our MPs doing to see this inequality ended? If scrapping the Barnett Formula saved a dozen jobs in the Wakefield area it would have been worthwhile.

Yet our MPs make better representatives of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland then they do of their own constituency, thanks to their silence. It is time for our MPs to do their jobs and represent the people who voted for them who now face the prospect of job loss and service reductions.

Andrew Cooper,