LETTERS - Leave the name as it is

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HEMSWORTH Bypass - consider this for a moment:

Bill Johnson was 19 and an Upton lad. Lived on Clayton Avenue.

He arrived at a Pathfinder Lancaster Squadron in January 1944 and did six consecutive raids on Berlin.

Two nights later he was over Augsburg; in the aircraft bomb bay were 12,000lb of high explosive bombs, and two thousand gallons of high octane petrol.

A German shell hit the load and of the seven young crewmembers, not enough bits could be found to warrant a grave.

Ken Edwards, also 19 and from Bell street.

He was a proud soldier serving in Belgium with the Welsh Guards.

He was killed instantly when he stepped on a hidden booby trap land mine.

His mum told me that when I came on leave. His dad was a member of the Upton Colliery mine’s rescue team.

On the Upton memorial stone there are at least another 25 names of men from this village who also made the ultimate sacrifice, including the latest addition, Luke Farmer.

So let’s forget about those hideous tongue twisters for street names that Coun Harrison dreamed up in his latest demonstration of ‘I know best’.

If he finds this too hard to swallow, leave the wretched road name to what it has become, after all, that’s what it is - The Hemsworth By-Pass.

Don Crossley

Tower Avenue