LETTERS - Keep up the good work

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On behalf of our community, can I express my gratitude to all concerned, particularly South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council, SESKU Academy and Coun Adam Redfern, for the hard work they consistently do for us all, but especially for our youths.

The recent lottery award is most welcome and is fully deserving of all the tremendous effort put in by those concerned. Congratulations to you all.

We must, however, not mistakenly think that this is a one-off for our community. Those responsible for gaining the award - and indeed many others within our community - work constantly throughout the year for us all, but especially towards giving our local youths the best opportunities for leisure, training and education.

We tend to grumble about the youth of today, but we all were once youths, with dance halls, live music, football fields, youth clubs, school activities, cinemas, apprenticeships and good work prospects available in our immediate area. These are now generally on the decline in most areas.

We must remember that the youths of today are our community of the future and the achievements made by those concerned can only help to shape a better future for us all.

It is easy to put pen to paper when things do not go as we had hoped but we do tend to forget to congratulate people on their achievements. I would like help put that right and register my utmost appreciation for all the hard work done for us, Keep up the good work - it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Bryan Thomas,

Dunsley Terrace,

South Kirkby