LETTER - We need both fire stations

IT IS proposed that South Elmsall and Hemsworth Fire Stations would close and the local population would get one brand new station in South Kirkby.

The reason? To cope with cuts of £18m in central government grants. But how much is it going to cost to build five new stations across West Yorkshire? It is a total waste of money when we have two fire stations in good repair, working very well as they are.

The fire authority states that the stations are no longer in the ideal place given the shift in population. I have lived in Hemsworth for 22 years and we have more houses, warehouses, businesses and people in the area than ever.

It also said the new station would have additional back up engines for periods of high demand. Do they have a crystal ball to predict when they will be needed? Will we be guaranteed two engines with enough staff to come to our aid at all times?

Our firefighters do an outstanding job at serving our community.

MJ Waters

Station Road, Hemsworth