Letter - We have no control over spending

THE story in your latest edition relating to our MPs efforts to supplement his meagre existence by attempting to do something considered unacceptable made me think, what does austerity mean to different people?

Another story in the same edition informed us who the new crime commissioner may be.

Both articles made me realise how little control we have over the way our taxes are spent. On the one hand we have a group of people who can fill their pockets with impunity, with our money, on the other hand they dictate to us whatever spurious ideas they may come up with.

Austerity and cut backs are the current name of the game, but we are told that it has become necessary to implement another type of bureaucracy on our police force so we must elect a crime commissioner, at what cost to the beleaguered taxpayer, I wonder? And remember this new position will require all the paraphernalia of office which will not come cheap. Of course as this new post is based on the American style we may get our own ‘Batman’ for free, and remember we are still cutting back as hard as we can

A further observation from your paper would suggest that our local authority is not in tune with the current economic climate, e.g. staffing the ‘Castle’ with what may be unnecessary staff and pouring tax payers’ money in to any and all lost causes, of course the above can be refuted if only the council would be more informative.

I E Ford

Hague Terrace