Letter - Think and slow down

I decided to changed my job nearly six years ago from a high paying sales career to that of a lower paid driving instructor.

That said I wish I had taken the step years earlier as I thoroughly enjoy my job and sleep better at night!

However, my job would be made so much easier if all drivers would drive to the standard that they had been taught to pass their test in the first place.

As I drive around teaching my pupils I see so much bad driving, generally by individuals who have children in the car with them.

What chance do I, along with other instructors, have to teach pupils correctly when we see drivers trying to steer and change gear whilst they are attempting to hold a mobile phone to their ear and hold a conversation at the same time? Don’t they know that kids copy their parents and piers. Bad habits are hard to correct once they are ingrained in them.

As for speeding, take the example of the road between Hemsworth and Kinsley. It’s a 30 mph limit but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been overtaken by someone doing 50-60 mph.

It’s my birthday on Sunday, November 25. You may ask why I’m telling you this? Not because I’d like a card but just to let you know I don’t celebrate it very much due to something that happened in the past.

Forty-five years ago, the day before my 10th birthday my five year old brother Stewart walked out from between two cars on Southmoor Road in Hemsworth and was killed instantly.

I think Stewart would understand why I recite that story to each and everyone of my new pupils not to shock or to get some sympathy but to make them aware that when they get behind the wheel of a car they are driving a lethal weapon.

Next time drivers go out in their cars with their kids in the back just think about all the bad habits they teach them and make our roads a bit safer.

And hopefully some drivers may take heed and slow down when you’re passing that row of parked cars because you don’t know who or what is going to run out into the path of your car, particularly if you are on the phone at the time, after all it could be a member of your family.

Ian McGinnies

Highfield Place