Letter: Re-evaluate your lifestyle

I’VE just heard the latest from the fascist think-tank that is the Tory party! They plan to cut the benefits of obese people who ‘won’t exercise’!

Nothing about starting with a lifestyle and diet coach who can help them learn how to cook healthy food at a price they can afford. Or being enrolled into exercise classes run by people who can help motivate them into improving themselves.

Not that there are many instructors who can do this who are not already very busy.

Many of the rest have their precious certificates.

But little idea of how to do the job. I suspect that these MPs have never been in a gym. Or perhaps they’re just not very observant?

Gyms right across the country are infested with thousands of people who are, ‘just going through the motions’ of exercise.

A little exercise and a lot of resting and talking.

Or spending hours on cardio-vascular equipment at unchallenging pace chatting to ‘mates’ doing much the same. As if more such are needed.

I suggest that parliament needs a section where extremists can have their ideas vetted. So they don’t place a foot firmly in their gob!

Willian J Houlder

Queen’s Avenue