Letter - Questions to be answered

REGARDING Hemsworth Town Council and the extraordinary meeting called.

There are still unanswered questions regarding Sandygate Football Facilities – we have diluted football facilities, no athletic facilities, a reduction of affordable housing, no education contribution or open space.

Labour promotion material states £111m would be spent on football and athletic facilities. Graham West in a BBC interview informed £750,000 had been spent on Sandygate, the district valuer also quoted £750,000 yet records show only £468,000 has been spent by this council – representing this community with true honesty and integrity, quoting Tony Upson, chairman of Hemsworth Town Council.

I ask then, why did the council endorse a section 106 legal binding document that failed to incorporate the affordable housing for this community?

This council states they employed the experts for site plans and specifications approved by Wakefield Council’s planning committee in 2008 yet unauthorised and superseded by further plans with a reduced investment and diluted facilities, from £750,000 to £468,000.

The district valuer stated only 8.65 acres can actually be developed on the complex due to topographical reason in October 2008.

In February 2011, Wakefield Council approved 11 acres - a lack of open space and public assets.

Wakefield Council failed to give the residents the benefit of a mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment on the sites, despite it meeting the legal requirements.

Call a special meeting Hemsworth Town Council – let the public have their say and answer these questions. Live up to your honesty and integrity in the public interest.

Coun Jim Kenyon

Grove Avenue