Letter - Own money for Kinsley and Fitzwilliam is needed

SINCE I last wrote, a lot of water has gone under the bridge.

It’s nice to see as last that we are going to get something in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam - I am relating to the Fitzwilliam Welfare Centre.

As you are aware I have been writing for something for Kinsley and Fitzwilliam for quite a few years now.

I think it is a great idea we are getting something, but, what is it going to cost us as ratepayers?

Mrs Pattinson, the clerk to the council, got up on her feet and stated, “before you vote on this think very carefully”.

It’s going to cost us, the ratepayers £12,000, and I don’t mean this year, but every year to come.

As you will have seen in the Express, it is already passed. Would you buy a house before you inspect it?

This was asked at the meeting and it was agreed that they go round and inspect the building before November 20th.

I only hope everything is successful and we can get something going in Fitzwilliam and Kinsley.

I think the time has come to say Fitzwilliam and Kinsley have had enough of this, so we can spend our own money and not be ‘crippled’ by Hemsworth.

I was at a special meeting recently called by our councillors. I went to this meeting under the impression that we were going to hear the half yearly accounts.

After five items they closed the meeting down without mentioning this. Why did this happen? Why wouldn’t they say anything, I ask you?

And, Bert the cockerel is still on death row! So, would you like to help to save Bert from the executioners?

Old Bert has stopped crowing now that he has been warned off by our dearly beloved councillors!

E A Barratt

Fieldside Road