Letter - No need for a police and crime commissioner

THE way we police our country is often described as the best in the world, and if that is so, why, on November 15, are we voting for yet another change by the appointment of a costly alteration to the way we do things police wise?

The new post will attract a salary of £100,000, so it is easy to see why some people may be considering the job.

As well as the money, a great expense will be incurred by the cost of staff , premises, and all the perks that the post will require.

The powers that will go with the job will be in the hands of one person, and his work pattern, his terms of office and function are an unknown and, asking on the streets show that the public know little or nothing about these changes. Literature so far has been non-existent.

Around here, I expect such a low turn out, as it is in the district and parish elections. The way our representatives treat us is shameful, and I see this appointment as an extension of misrepresentation.

Probably yet another ultimate journey to the House of Lords.

Don Crossley

Tower Avenue