Letter - Minutes are true record

FIRSTLY as far as I am aware I don’t know Mr G Hirst

In response to his letter regarding my comments about Mr Barratt’s version of events at the Hemsworth Town Council AGM, May 2010, I have a copy of the minutes of that particular meeting and nowhere in these minutes is there any mention of any disruptive behaviour by myself or Mr Donaldson.

However there is a mention of Mr Barrattt’s improper behaviour towards the town council clerk, Mrs T Patterson, accusing her of being a little liar. It is clearly minuted that the clerk asked Mr Barratt to withdraw his statement regarding her truthfulness, which eventually he did, as the town council minutes are read and confirmed as a true record by the town council all parties included. What can’t speak, can’t lie.

I have in earlier correspondence made my position clear regarding town council meetings and having read about the events that took place at the special meeting called by the independents which led to the infamous walkout by independent councillors etc. Nothing has changed. No way José.

C Nicholson

Forester Close