Letter - Lives might be lost

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We are told by the chief executive of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust that the reason for the withdrawal of accident and emergency services from the new Pontefract Hospital is because of a shortage of middle grade doctors.

An alternative view given to me recently is that is because the Pontefract location is not “glamorous enough”.

The policy to remove A&E services from Pontefract is seen my many local people as discriminatory and real fears exist of there being many lives lost and of others being left in permanently reduced health conditions because of a lack of immediate medical assistance at the hospital.

It it not clear whether the withdrawal of A&E services from the people who live in this area is a contravention of their basic human rights and whether any future losses of life or deterioration of an individual’s health because of the withdrawal of services may be pursued in law, with charges of professional negligence and corporate manslaughter being brought against those responsible.

Clearly, the withdrawal of A&E services from Pontefract cannot be tolerated and immediate action must be taken to fully investigate the running of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

P Doyle

Wakefield Road