Letter - Leave it to the experts

In his ‘politically speaking’ column in last week’s Express, MP John Trickett says he was against the rise in VAT.

Wasn’t it his Labour Party that caused this to happen by getting this country saddled with billions of pounds worth of debt?

If I were you Mr Trickett I’d leave the serious economic decisions down to the experts who are now in government and don’t bother yourself with these issues.

You and your colleagues in the Labour Party when you were in power let the banks run riot and didn’t do anything to stop them.

Didn’t the Labour Party preside over ten years of growth in this country and the country has got nothing to show for it. New hospitals and schools? Don’t believe it; the PFI deals behind these schemes will cost the country billions and end up with the closure of some trusts.

And I still can’t explain why you keep getting elected in this constituency.

Graham Hirst

Moorfield Crescent