Letter - Jon Trickett does not deserve flak

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THANK you for your article on the expenses of our local MP (Express, October 25).

I am not a member of the Labour Party but take a keen interest.

I was amazed to find that Mr Trickett’s London address was way out in Barnes - much too far out for a member of the shadow cabinet.

At the time of the expenses scandal Mr Trickett emerged as the least expensive of the ‘long distance’ members.

I sympathise with him for having to sell at a significant loss and having to squeeze into a bed-sitting room near to parliament.

I was born in South Elmsall and taught at South Elmsall Boys Schools until 1959. I then went to London to assess the newly introduced comprehensive schools. They were good to teach in but I couldn’t afford even a bed-sitting room!

It is ironic that a man who achieved, both locally and nationally, the most help for people with housing difficulties during the last government should now by castigated (by implication) now that he too has difficulties.

I admit that you have not broken any laws but feel that you have slandered him by implication - he does not deserve that.

A local paper should give us pride in our constituency rather than attempt to make us feel ashamed.

Herbert James

Saxon Avenue

South Kirkby