Letter - Insult to fellow crew member

I HAVE sent the following letter to Coun Laurie Harrison:

I am a Canadian airman who flew with Don Crossley in the same RAF crew during World War Two. Don was the wireless operator and I was the tail gunner in a Lancaster bomber.

I am disgusted to hear that you have insulted him in such a way for opposing the re-naming of the Hemsworth bypass to Sprokhoevel Way (a town in Germany). I know Don well and know him to be anything but a xenophobe and a clown.

Hundreds of thousands of sailors, soldiers and airmen died fighting for your right to live in a democracy. As a matter of fact, they died so folks like you could enjoy freedom of speech.

Isn’t it ironic that you have used this freedom to insult the very person for whom you should have the greatest respect. Don Crossley is a decorated airman – he fought for the very freedoms you enjoy today.

Harry D. Challis

Sudbury, Ontario