Letter - Graffiti is just disrespectful

Dear Editor, my name is Emily Brook; my age is ten years old. I attend Carlton J&I School, I am writing to tell you about how against the art ‘graffiti’ I am.

How would you feel if when you get up out of bed and look out the window and see graffiti? It’s not nice! You wouldn’t like it would you?

When I am getting ready for a days’ work I see graffiti out the window of my home. That graffiti wipes the smile off my face. It’s disrespectful to us. My granny lives in Carlton Court, her curtains are permanently closed because there is graffiti. It’s unsightly.

It is environmental crime. When pressing the white nozzle on a spray can a life has been lost. The paint is filled with co2 which is toxic gas that we could inhale.

I think about our future. I want you to do something please. I wish that you could make the people who did it pay the council instead of us tax payers.

Graffiti may be an art form but to me it’s vandalism. I hate looking out at it, also as I walk by the backs of local shops I see graffiti. So please take this letter into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Brook