Letter - GP was ‘true gentleman’

It was with sadness that my wife and I heard, and then read, of the passing of Dr Sen.

As his son said in your article he was an old-fashioned GP who always made time for his patients.

When we first moved to Hemsworth in the late 70s we were asking for the best surgery to register with and without hesitation people would say, ‘Oh go to Dr Sen, he is lovely’.

Sure enough he was just as people said.

When you went to see him he would welcome you at the door of his surgery and show to a seat, then take his own seat in his big leather chair. He would then look right in your eyes with genuine concern and say, ‘tell me, tell me what can I do, what is the matter’ and you knew that he was sincere.

Even long after retiring, which he did with reluctance, you could still see him around Hemsworth in his mobility scooter and he was always ready for a chat.

He was a true gentleman and we wish his family well. May he rest in peace.

God Bless

Paul and Margaret Stuart

10 Burntwood Bank