Letter - Fire cuts have to be made

It’s difficult to comprehend the arrogance or possible naivety of the FBU regarding the proposed new fire station in South Kirkby.

The whole of the public sector;-hospitals, schools, police, etc are being forced to administer cuts throughout their operations due to the previous governments’ manipulation of this sector in an attempt to create a largely loyal vote base, with no regard to the financial implications, resulting in our now massive budget deficit.

Everybody respects our public sector workers and the vital role they play in our society, however ultimately we can only have what we can afford!

Most of the 23 fire fighters jobs that will be lost will probably come from “natural wastage” i.e. staff that are due to retire whom won’t be replaced; should there be any compulsory redundancies I’m certain they will be recompensed in a manner workers in the private sector could only dream of.

So come on FBU, and certain local councillors, get real! Do you want our proud nation to end up in a similar mess as Greece and Spain where public sector services are on the verge of collapse?

Think about it carefully.

Paul Radford

High Street