Letter - Energy price rise is nail in coffin for coalition

ON Wednesday, October 24, during Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron said he would force the energy companies to keep their price rises to a minimum.

On Friday, October 26, EDF Energy announced their fuel price would up by 10.08 per cent on December 7. Another example of Cameron saying one thing and doing the opposite.

I urge all parents to check their bank statements. Last month I noticed a reduction of £20 in my child tax credit. Check yours, it may be a mistake. £240 per year would pay for school uniforms and sport kit etc.

Another little beauty from Iain Duncan Smith, Mr Nasty, says anyone at present with two children will not receive family allowance if they have a third.

Anyway what has child benefit to do with him, he’s the works and pensions secretary.

Just another nail in their coffin me thinks.

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall