Letter - Dirty tricks won’t stop me

IN REPLY to the two letters that were printed in the letters page on December 1 and 8, the first by someone pretending to be Lauren Dodson, and the second by Ms Dodson herself.

Lauren deserves to be complemented on her honesty and bravery in denouncing those who seek to gain advantage by discrediting me.

They’ve started early - I did not realise the elections were so close.

Despite that, and similar dirty tricks by my political opponents, I will carry on doing my best for the community.

I would like to assure everyone that I will continue to use the media and television to gain support and publicity for improvements that are badly needed. This ward has been deprived long enough.

Sometimes over the past four years - such as when I asked Wakefield for £1m to refurbish the swimming baths - I felt a bit like Oliver Twist with his begging bowl, but it didn’t deter me - and it won’t.

I’m determined, and would rather be judged on what I have achieved, than be someone who takes credit for others’ work.

Coun Wilf Benson