Letter - Council could take note

THE meeting regarding changes to the fire service was well attended by the general public, and run in a proper manner. All the questions asked were answered by one or other of the gentlemen present.

But as you have seen, it was only a smokescreen for the new fire station to be opened.

I only hope the Chairman of Hemsworth Town Council, who was present at the meeting, took note of how all the questions asked were answered in a proper manner.

I only wish you would do the same at the Council meetings instead of starting a slanging match with Mr Kenyon and not answering the questions.

So in the New Year let’s see some common sense prevail on both sides.

Regarding Pontefract Hospital A&E, there are a lot of complaints about it being closed and patients being transferred to Pinderfields and Dewsbury Hospitals.

May I ask just one question? Who was the gentleman that objected to all this? It was Mr Womersley. As you will know Mr Womersley was removed from the Hemsworth Town Council, by the Council, and we shall soon be having a by-election in Hemsworth.

So I think that because of what has been done by our Council to Mr Womersley, then you should support his replacement.

I only wish that you do so to show your appreciation for what Mr Womersley has done over the past number of years, and the gentleman who replaces him I know will do the same and fight for the people and their rights in our villages.

Oh, and by the way Mr Evans, we have got six Christmas lights in Kinsley. Thanks a lot Mr Evans for fighting for your Christmas lights!

E A Barratt

Fieldside Road