Letter - Choices have to be made

how often has Coun Wilf Benson voted against Labour in the council chamber?

Coun Benson is often attacking the council, and receiving lots of coverage in the Express for doing so, but proceeds to vote for every measure Labour proposes.

Coun Benson complains about spending plans but voted for the Labour budget.

He did not propose his own budget, he must have been happy with what was on offer.

What is the point of having an independent councillor if he does not behave independently?

It is very easy to throw stones when you don’t have to take responsibility for any of the decisions the council has to make but the Tories have cut almost £70m from the council budget and choices have to be made.

I would rather have a councillor being honest with me about the decisions that have to be made rather than saying one thing in public and voting another way in the council chamber

Lauren Dodson

Camp Road

South Kirkby