LETTER - Chairman was justified

FIRSTLY, I must agree with Mr Barrett regarding the special meeting held on Tuesday, August 30, by the Hemsworth Town Council (Express, September 15).

It should have been better publicised.

However, what took place was understandable in my opinion. For a long period of time the independent councillors and their supporters have verbally abused the Labour councillors, both individually and collectively.

The chairman just retaliated against this treatment and the independent councillors and their supporters left the room. This brings to mind the old saying: “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.” Mr Barrett would not repeat Coun Kenyon’s reply to Coun Upson’s verbal attack against him, stating that it was against his nature. Is the same Mr Barrett who at an open town council meeting called the town council clerk, Tina Pattison, a liar? Surely not, as that was not the act of a gentleman.

And what happened to Mr Barrett’s alleged intentions to write to Mr Pickles about Mr Upson’s behaviour and what happened to his letter he allegedly wrote to the Prime Minister? Did he receive a reply? If so, was it published? If not it would be rather surprising, as Mr Barrett seems to thrive on publicity.

C Nicholson

Forester Close, Fitzwilliam