Letter: Cash should be shared

The NUM has, in its Yorkshire Area Trust Fund, considerable assets which quite rightly belong to the Yorkshire area members.

As members at Maltby face certain closure and with members at the two remaining collieries at Kellingley and Hatfield facing the threat of closure on a regular basis, the time has come for some of these assets to be distributed to the Yorkshire Area members.

Faced with not only the loss of their jobs but also the decimation of the industry, these members are now unable to seek alternate employment in mining and the distribution of the assets available would greatly assist these miners and their families.

In the middle of the deepest recession since the 1920s, many miners now face the prospect of being unable to pay mortgages and bills as their jobs are wrenched from them by the spectre of capitalism.

The NUM Yorkshire Area Trust fund has assets in the region of £12m and could easily afford to promise each current member of the Yorkshire Area £10,000 each upon the closure of Yorkshire’s remaining three collieries, after all the money does not belong to Chris Kitchen and his cohorts who say they have members’ best interests at heart, it belongs to the members.

Miners in Yorkshire should no longer tolerate this and I call upon miners at Kellingley, Hatfield and Maltby to voice their opinion and demand a fair deal from the NUM, to give back what rightly belongs to the members in the form of a “one off “payment of £10,000 upon the loss of employment, a sum that the NUM can comfortably afford.

Martin Thompson

Bretton Close