LETTER - Bus price hike is crazy

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I AM writing in response to Jacklyn Spencer’s letter (Express, June 9).

At the last annual council meeting of the South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Council, which lasted two and a half hours, I raised serval points about the finances of our parish council.

I asked why our parish tax was: six times higher than Upton and Featherstone, four times higher than Ackworth and three times higher than South Elmsall.

The answer was stony silence.

I then asked why when we spend £260,000 on six buildings the council already owns, we need to spend on buying another one (Burntwood School).

I then asked what the £46,000 council discretionary fund was for as it only appeared in last year’s budget.

I then asked why when Wakefield Met spends £70m a year on free bus passes, rail and bus subsidies, we feel the need to spend another £60,000 of parish taxes on the same thing.

The Three Towns bus service started in 2007/8 at a cost of £12,500 a year. That is a rise of £47,500 in just four years. This is just plain crazy.

I then asked if it would not be better buying a road sweeper that could, on a two week rota, clean every street in the parish in winter and have a snow plough fitted to it. This would benefit every parishioner.

There were more questions raised by other people, as I said, the meeting lasted two and a half hours - but the Express chose to write just about the bus.

Malc Till

Clayton Holt

South Kirkby