Letter - Bored with argument

I HAVE to say I was really surprised and a little disappointed at June Harrison’s attitude in response to a letter published (Express, September 29) by Michelle Collins.

Although I’m sure Mrs Harrison didn’t mean to convey her points in such an arrogant manner, the content of her letter was very brusque and quite rude.

Mrs Collins said nothing in her letter to deserve such a response and she did raise some good points.

I’m guessing the majority of the community has now moved on from the naming of the roads and are quite bored with this childish, playground tit for tat argument.

I feel for the people who have been distressed by this situation and the outcome of this long drawn out ‘vendetta’, but continuing down this road really isn’t going to change anything.

We as a community survived the miners’ strike so I really don’t think the naming of the roads is going to cause us that much hardship in life.

The word ‘vendetta’ by the way can, but does not necessarily mean, bloodshed but a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.

Kath Johnson

First Avenue

South Kirkby