Letter - BBC - time is now up

It seems hardly a day passes without some criticism of the anti-English, anti-Christian BBC.

Now we have Sir Antony Jay, a former BBC producer calling for a dramatic downsizing of the corporation – I think Sir Antony is being too kind.

In truth, we can no longer afford to fund what many regard as an unworthy and unnecessary state broadcaster, particularly in these difficult times and a saturated media marketplace.

The BBC’s charter should be revoked as soon as possible and if politicians are lacking the will to do so, then the already overburdened licence fee payer should have the opportunity of a referendum to decide whether the BBC should stay or go.

In these days of devolved Northern Irish and Welsh assemblies and a devolved Scottish parliament, the BBC has become an anachronism – a better option might be for the devolved Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to foot the bill for their own ‘state broadcaster’.

Mr PJ Patrick

Ackworth Road