Letter - Argument is farcical

I WOULD like to thank Mr Barratt for his comments regarding the Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Resource Centre (the Learning & Community Centre), they are appreciated.

The staff and members of the management committee have worked very hard to give a first class service to the public. Mr Barratt’s reasons for the exclusion of myself and Mr Donaldson’s alleged confrontation at the town council AGM in 2010 are flimsy to say the least.

In his version of the fictional event the chairman of the town council was involved, also at the special town council meeting on August 20, 2011. In the minutes of this meeting it is clearly documented “that some members of the public were being disruptive. The chairman told the public that any further outbursts would result in some people would be excluded from the meeting.” This information shows Mr Barratt’s theory to be farcical.

In previous correspondence I have been questioned about my non-attendances at town council meeting and I have given my reasons. How many times has Mr Barratt visited Kinsley Library recently? There are still some questionnaires on the reception desk at the library, has Mr Barrattt (as defender of the public libraries called and collected one?

I suspect not.

Mr C Nicholson

Forester Close