Let common sense prevail

REGARDING ‘In My View’ by Pamela Walker (Express, May 24), I agree with everything she writes about the South Kirkby pit site.

The only thing she misses is that it would be nice to see South Kirkby, South Elmsall and Upton come into this, so that some of the grants for the wind turbines will come into this area, that is if our district council ‘get their finger out’ and ‘push for it’.

It would get the kids off the streets giving them somewhere to go. It would also create a lot of jobs, as other companies would follow suit if this was a great success,

So let’s see some common sense prevail in our councils, and let’s have some correct decisions made on behalf of the ratepayers.

I will go along with Mr Tibbeth’s comments about voting. I think he is slightly innaccurate though as 70 per cent failed to turn out to vote, a right which your grandparents fought for, so at the next election let’s see you exercise your right to vote.

Regarding Mr Hirst’s letter, I back him 100 per cent when he says nothing has come to Fitzwilliam and Kinsley in the last 20 years. We pay the same rates as Hemsworth, and what do we get? Six Christmas lights and nothing else! At the AGM Sandra Pickin stated that she gets £1 per hour for going to Wakefield to represent us. Sandra, you must be joking!

It will be shown in the next few weeks how much you get. People go to work for less than you receive!

We have three councillors go to Wakefield from our district, costing over £40,000 to the ratepayers, when expenses are put together. Don’t you think it’s time you did something for the area instead of it all going to Wakefield?

With a bit of common sense you could get South Kirkby, south Elmsall and Upton to vote for the pit site, instead of the money being spent in Wakefield. Let’s create some jobs in this area for a change.

I know there will be an incinerator which will create jobs, so let’s see some common sense prevail all around.

EA Barratt

Fieldside Road