Leader of council meets with Mosque leaders to tackle hate crime

Coun Peter Box has met with Mosque leaders in Wakefield.
Coun Peter Box has met with Mosque leaders in Wakefield.

The Leader of Wakefield Council has met with Mosques from across the district as part of the council’s commitment to tackle hate crime.

At the last meeting of Full Council, Coun Peter Box, Leader of Wakefield Council, announced the plans to meet with leaders from Wakefield Mosques as part of a firm commitment to continue to develop community relations.

Coun Peter Box said: “Whilst we’re fortunate that we have not seen an increase in hate crime in the district we are not being complacent. We need to proactively work together to ensure everyone in our communities feels safe.

“We have been meeting with leaders from Wakefield Mosques so that we can come together to tackle any issues and create a tolerant and peaceful community.

“We are sending out a strong message that hate crime is completely unacceptable. Everyone has the right to have the freedom to feel safe in our district.

“By joining together with our communities we can make it very clear that racism, xenophobia and other hate crime will never be tolerated in this district and encourage people to report any incidents.”

In a meeting of Full Council last month, all members of the Chamber voted unanimously to condemn racism, xenophobia and all other hate crimes.

The council is also looking to strengthen the work it does with schools in the district to promote cohesion in our local communities and tackle hate crime.

Hate crime is a crime or incident which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate. It can include verbal abuse, harassment, threats, intimidation, physical abuse and vandalism. It can have both a devastating effect on a single victim and also the potential to divide communities.

Anybody wanting to report a hate crime incident should do so by calling the police on 101 or 999.

Support is also available from Stop Hate UK on 0800 138 1625 or by text on 07717 989 025 or via the Stop Hate UK app.

Anyone can report a hate crime and it can be reported anonymously. Victims will be offered free and confidential support.

The council also has an online service where hate crime incidents can be reported at www.wakefield.gov.uk/hatecrime