Karting champ needs sponsor

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British go-karting champion Harry Barlow is appealing for sponsorship so he can compete in the world finals in Italy.

The 12-year-old has already qualified for the event in August.

But money that his parents had saved to pay for a number of trips and races this year has been spent on a replacement kart after his old one was stolen last year.

The Express reported in October 2013 that Harry had been left devastated when thieves took his £10,000 Birel Motorsport kart just two weeks after he got it. The Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy student had been crowned British Easykart Cadet Karting champion in Suffolk a month earlier.

He is now back up and running with his new kart but is hoping that local businesses can step in to help fund his Italian trip.

Dad Mark Barlow, of Gargrave Crescent, Hemsworth, said: “Harry is over the moon now that he has got his new kart.

“He was spending hours on the computer hoping his old one would pop up on a website somewhere.

“We have paid for it but this is only the start of the costs. Now there is his Italy trip and it would be nice if somebody local could help by sponsoring Harry.

“He is often in motoring magazines and newspapers so they would get a lot of advertising in return.

“We have to pay for flights and to rent karts while we are over in Italy so it is not a cheap hobby.

“But we are hopeful Harry can gain victory over there as he is good enough.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Harry should call Mr Barlow on 07812 229200. They can also get in touch by visiting www.harrybarlow.co.uk or search for Harry Barlow Racing on Facebook.