‘Join our anti-tax campaign’

Congratulations to the Labour councillors for their vote to reverse the bedroom tax. It’s a shame that Labour’s shadow benefits minister, Liam Byrne, has already declared that future Labour government will not axe this hated tax!

Those affected are being punished by a gang of multimillionaires for the ‘crime’ of poverty while Labour plans to do the same!

Wakefield District No 2 the Bedroom Tax Campaign has collected 1000s of signatures on a petition demanding that the tax is resisted and ultimately abolished. It is not enough for the council to merely pass meaningless motions. The council should refuse to implement the bedroom tax. It could use its borrowing powers and reserves to assist tenants while building a mass movement to defeat it. It could also pledge not to evict any tenants in arrears.

Wakefield, Pontefract and Five towns No 2 Bedroom Tax campaigners have received mass support for our ‘Can’t pay – Here to stay’ demand and we advise everyone to appeal and join our campaign to organise mass resistance and demonstrations against the council, Wakefield district Housing and any court hearings.

Just as with the Pol Tax this universally detested bedroom tax can be beaten.

It is time for the councillors to stand up and decide whose side they are really on or be prepared to stand aside for anti-austerity cuts candidates at the next local elections!

Mick Griffiths

Westfield View