Is this really democracy?

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AS I wrote in my last letter, Hemsworth Town Council held a ‘consultation day’ on June 18.

This was supposed to give them an idea of what people in this parish require. But sorry to say not only could anyone in the area express their views, but also people from outside the area had their say as well! What they were voting for was to re-open the Wndsurfer as a restaurant and licensed premises, or as a kiddies play area and a cafe.

I always thought the AGM was for the people of the parish to tell the councillors what their ideas were for the coming year and what they would like to see done. As you already know a vote was taken and was won by a large majority to re-open the Windsurfer.

We were told that the ‘consultation day’ was not a vote but a ‘questionnaire’, thereby having no real bearing on the outcome. What a farce! What was the point? The chairman told us straight away it was going to be a kiddies play area!

I am not against this, but why waste the public’s time?

After this meeting I asked for a referendum to be called so that people of this parish had a true vote on what they wanted the Windsurfer to be. I was told in no uncertain manner that this would cost the ratepayers money, so I withdrew my request.

If my request had gone through and my vote had been won then this would still have been overturned by the council. So why bother? Is this democracy?

You vote your council in to serve the best interests of the ratepayers, and this is how you are treated.

EA Barrett

Fieldside Road