Is this democracy in action?

Anyone who attended the annual town meeting for Hemsworth on April 18 must think we live in an undemocratic country.

The Labour-led council under the leadership of Tony Upson delivered one of the most disgraceful spectacles I have ever witnessed. Firstly, the new £1.7million community centre couldn’t provide a sound system to benefit the hard of hearing.

Then we listened to the Coun Upson deliver one of the most embarrassing speeches I have ever heard.

With his clerk, Tina Pattison at his side, he spent 40 minutes describing how the facilities the council runs are doing so well and making so much money.

He then talked about the need to increase the precept by 58 per cent. And he casually mentioned the fact that members of the public were not allowed to ask any questions on a range of issues due to some sort of judicial review.

He was making controversial statements knowing full well the public wouldn’t be allowed to debate the points he was making!

He then lost the plot when he tried to make a connection with the 1984/85 miners’ strike. The general public shouted their disapproval at him and he didn’t like the experience.

Without any warning he closed the meeting without answering a single question and walked out with the clerk and the rest of the Labour councillors following.

It was left to a few independents to answer questions from the floor.

That is democracy in action?

Graham Hirst

Moorfield Crescent