Intense IMAX cinematic experience

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With popcorn in hand and my mother in tow, I was one of the first to experience the magic of Cineworld Castleford’s new IMAX cinema this week.

An enormous curved screen spanning floor to ceiling greeted us as we entered the cinema and took up our delightfully comfortable, leatherette seats.

From the moment Transformers: Age of Extinction began, the sheer size of the screen, which is greater than your field of vision, made it impossible not to feel immersed in the action.

This was only enhanced by the booming surround sound system making every action vibrate through our bones.

We were journeying with Optimus Prime, involved in every battle he fought with the ripple of every blast vibrating through our bodies.

The 3D glasses boosted the experience and at several points we both flinched as metallic robotic parts came crashing towards us.

IMAX lives up to expectations as an intense all-encompassing entertainment experience and I, for one, still felt like I was fighting the evil Galvatron hours after leaving.

An adult ticket costs £14.80 and for an action blockbuster like Transformers, there is no better way to experience the thrills.

As Hassan Ugradar, general manager at Cineworld Castleford, commented: “IMAX offers a truly unique cinema experience.”

Cineworld Castleford’s IMAX cinema opened last Thursday and is currently showing Transformers: Age of Extinction and How To Train Your Dragon 2.

The screen has crystal-clear digital projection and cutting-edge sound technology.

The screen, at Xscape Castleford, is now one of nine Cineworld IMAX screens nationwide.