Hung out to dry! – Wakefield's trendiest baby

Eight-month-old Raya Welsh from South Elmsall has been crowned Wakefield's trendiest baby.

Little Raya is to star in a new calendar campaign after winning Wakefield Council’s Trendy Baby competition.

Her photograph will feature on the cover of 1,000 calendars to promote the council’s cloth nappy scheme.

This aims to make choosing cloth nappies easier by providing free starter kits to families in the Wakefield area

The competition, which was launched last September, asked people to send in pictures of their babies wearing real nappies to help the council show how trendy they can be.

The winning picture shows Raya, from Broadway, South Elmsall, hanging on the washing line with her real nappies to illustrate how easy it is to launder cloth nappies even as a working mum.

Raya’s mum, Gemma Welsh, 27, said: “We were really surprised and delighted to find out we had won. I believe that cloth nappies are better for babies’ hips and skin as there is much less chance of them developing allergies than if they were exposed to all the chemicals in disposables, and they don’t really make much more washing.

“The council offer is a nice incentive because buying cloth nappies involves paying a large sum of money all in one go, which can be difficult when you have a new baby, even though you are making a bigger saving in the long run.”

The calendars are available at libraries in the district.

For more information about free starter kits or to try a nappy laundry service for free, call Susie Richmond on 0845 8506506 or e-mail