How many near misses?

So, a near miss - this one reported because she was a lollipop lady (Express, April 26). How many near misses are not reported?

I have had a few outside my own house, not reported. Since when have near misses had to be direct hits before being investigated?

Margaret Baggley has crossed those kids over the same road for 38 years. She was hoping to make it to 40. I hope it hasn’t put her off.

When she does retire I hope Wakefield and local councillors recognise the effort and dedication to the job and devotion to the children who think so much about her and vice versa.

She deserves a medal as big as a dinner plate for her efforts in keeping the kids safe.

I would like to invite Mr Keith Bloomfield, transportation service manager, to stand as the bottom of my drive for half an hour any day of the week and feel his hair ruffled every time a car or HGV goes by. I’ll provide the tea and biscuits.

It’s no good asking drivers to take more care when the authorities sit on their backsides and wait for near misses to become direct hits.

Do we have to go to parliament before somebody gets killed?

Sid Downs

Minsthorpe Lane

South Elmsall