How did this happen?

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I am confused - how can someone be elected one minute and not elected the next?

When I first read the results published on the Wakefield Council website Pastor Martyn Sullivan was elected. Later that evening when I wanted to check the vote count I found that Pastor Sullivan was not elected. Now it was Tracey Walker who was elected. I am disappointed, frustrated and angry that this could happen with no explanation given. How can this be? Surely in this country our election processes are legally regulated and any discrepancies should be dealt with accordingly.

I was already angry that posters advocating Martyn Sullivan were torn down and replaced with Labour Candidate posters. I also want to correct rumours that St Luke’s youth project, The Shed, is only open to children of people attending St Luke’s Church. This is not true - it is open to any child between eight and 15-years-old and is regularly attended by 60 to 90 children every week.

Patricia Taylor,

South Elmsall