Hospital like ‘film comedy’

THE latest news from the Wakefield and Pontefract hospital trust is that it is asking its doctors and nurses to have unpaid leave, the staff who are left on duty will be expected to work harder to compensate for those who aren’t.

First it builds a hospital with no beds, then it discovers it doesn’t have enough doctors to run it and to cap it all it bullies a doctor into leaving and pays her millions in compensation.

There was talk of the army coming to the rescue to run our A&E department which is being run on a part-time basis. It was stated at the time the problem was not down to money issues, but it was due to difficulties recruiting doctors to run it. With this latest initiative, we know that is not the case.

Now all of a sudden we must have too many staff because it is asking them to have extra holidays. If it was not such a serious topic you could almost find it funny.

It is like a script for an Ealing comedy or some modern day Greek tragedy, you just can’t make it up.

If it were proving difficult to recruit doctors before, it will be nigh on impossible now - what ambitious young doctor will want to work for this Mickey Mouse outfit?

I wonder if our new head of trust is also willing to work short time, because he should set an example and lead from the front and take a pay cut, because after all, that’s what he wants his staff to do.

S Crees

North Baileygate