Horrified couple slam Sainsbury's after claims one-year-old toddler left with severe chemical nappy rashes

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A horrified couple have slammed Sainsbury's after claims their one-year-old toddler was left with severe 'chemical' rashes -- from one of its NAPPIES.

Little Ozzie Grant was crying in agony after his legs, bottom and back became covered in blisters hours after his parents had put the nappy on.

The tot clamped his legs together every time his parents tried to pick him up and screamed when they attempted to wipe the blistered areas.

His parents say the £3.50 pack of 30 nappies burnt his skin and even drew blood.

Two weeks later Ozzie is 'doing ok' but he has not fully recovered from the rash allegedly caused by the nappy, which is being investigated by Sainsbury's.

Parents Albert Grant, 46, and Rebecca Robinson, 38, had purchased the 'Little Ones' nappies from a Sainsbury's branch in Blackpool, Lancs.

But within 12 hours of putting on the nappy a small blemish turned into a stinging rash which was all over Ozzie's legs and back, say his shocked parents.

'Chemical reaction'

They said doctors and the pharmacist the spoke to had described the rash as a 'chemical reaction' and prescribed an antihistamine cream and moisturiser.

The couple are now calling for the nappies to be withdrawn from the supermarket shelves.

Rebecca, who works in care, said: "We normally buy Pampers but it was a last minute decision. Within 20 minutes he was pulling at the nappy.

"By the next morning the redness was coming up his back and down his legs, within 12 hours he went from a blemish to a rash.

"When we tried to wipe him he was bleeding which may have been because the blisters had popped.

"When we tried to pick him up he clamped his legs together and we had to bath him every hour to cool down the blistered area.

"I've never seen anything like that on a child before.

"When he sees you get the baby wipes out he moves to the other side of the room, he now associates the wipes with pain which is awful."

Web search

The couple took to the internet in the hope of discovering the cause of Ozzie's severe reaction.

Shockingly, they discovered a number of complaints about the 'Little Ones' nappies from fellow Sainsbury's customers - some dating back as far as January 2015.

The company said it was investigating but added that it sold 'millions' of the nappies and the proportion of complaints was 'minimal'.

When asked about the situation, a spokesman for supermarket chain Sainsbury's said: "This is obviously a really upsetting experience for Mr Grant and we hope his son feels much better soon.

"The safety and quality of our products is extremely important to us and we run dermatological testing to make sure they meet our high standards.

"We've sold millions of Little Ones nappies and, though it's extremely rare, babies can very occasionally have a reaction to a new brand of nappy.

"We will always investigate any concerns our customers share with us."