Homophobic insults at pub

Reece Balmforth
Reece Balmforth

A COUPLE who had an argument with a pub’s managers shouted abuse and homophobic insults at him and his partner.

Brogan Brown, 20, of Holmsley Lane, South Kirkby, and Reece Balmforth, 21, of Regent Street, South Elmsall, appeared in court last week charged with using threatening behaviour.

Brogan Brown

Brogan Brown

The couple had been at the Northfield Pub, South Kirkby, on the evening of February 19 when they questioned the bar maid about the pub’s reasons for barring one of their friends.

Karen Williams, prosecuting, said the discussion had escalated into an argument around the time that one of the pub managers, Steven Shaw, came down to the bar area to find a screwdriver to fix his television upstairs.

Miss Williams said: “He stated that he was verbally abused by the defendants who were both using the word gay.

“He went back upstairs and his partner Andrew O’Brien then came down to the bar area and was subjected to similar abuse.”

Brown then threw a glass which smashed at the back of the bar area, but did not hit or harm anyone.

Miss Williams said the Crown had accepted Brown’s explanation that she had meant to throw the drink but had accidentally let go of the glass.

She said: “Brown used the words “gay boy” at some point and she realises she was using that term as an insult.

“She has accepted she had thrown the glass but didn’t mean to throw it.

“But she too had been verbally abused at that time which caused her to react in that way.

“Balmforth said he didn’t hear any homophobic abuse, he was just asking about his friend.”

Brown and Balmforth both pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour

Rob Fones, defending both defendants, said: “Police say they have watched the CCTV footage and everybody was shouting at everybody, but this doesn’t excuse the language that was used.

“Both defendants are of good character - it’s not something that has happened before and they don’t seem to be those kind of people.”

The pair were given a conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered to pay £42.50 each towards prosecution costs.