Hit and run driver left me for dead

Michael Howell was knocked off his push bike on Xmas day by a car. Has suffered broken leg and his bike is ruined.
Michael Howell was knocked off his push bike on Xmas day by a car. Has suffered broken leg and his bike is ruined.

A CYCLING champion says he is ‘lucky to be alive’ after being knocked from his bike into the middle of a dual carriageway by a hit and run driver.

Michael Howell, 51, of High Street, South Elmsall, was trying out his new high powered lights on his bike around 5pm on Christmas day.

He was riding close to the Red House roundabout on the A638 towards Doncaster, at Brodsworth when he was smashed into by a silver Vauxhall Vectra.

Mr Howell said: “I was just riding along and this car hit me. It knocked me into the air. The next thing I know I am just laid in the middle of the dual carriageway. I was dazed and confused.

“It was the biggest bang I have ever heard when it hit me, it was so scary. The car’s wing mirror broke off it hit me that hard. I thought I was dead. While I was lying on the road I just thought ‘I’m lucky to be alive’”.

But he managed to drag himself to safety at the side of the road.

The force of the smash destroyed his £3,500 racing bike smashing it into four pieces.

A passing driver stopped to help and called the emergency services.

Mr Howell was taken to Doncaster Royal Infirmary and suffered a broken leg plus extensive cuts and bruises.

Before he was knocked off his bike Mr Howell said he had passed the silver car that hit him.

He said it was parked at the side of the road with its engine running and he peered inside.

Mr Howell said the area was well known as a drug dealing hot spot.

He added: “I think whoever hit me, did it deliberately because I had looked into the car.

“I could have been dead. Whoever did this is just sick – they meant to do it.

“There were powerful lights on the front and back of my bike and are so bright they would have seen me.”

Mr Howell is a member of the South Elmsall cycling club and has been cycling for more than 20 years winning several time trial competitions.

He had been in training for upcoming competitions.

Mr Howell said he was the fittest he had been in his life but now will have to start over his training all over again once his leg has healed.

Police believe the car left the scene without stopping.

It then drove towards the Redhouse roundabout and turned around at the north bound slip road of the A1.

The car then drove back towards Wakefield without stopping.

South Yorkshire police are appealing to anyone who saw the incident to call 101.