Hemsworth and Kinsley homes to be refurbished

RESIDENTS in Hemsworth and Kinsley are preparing for winter with new energy efficient roofing and walls.

Around 66 homes which currently have corrugated iron sheet roofing and walls will be transformed into more energy efficient properties.

And with winter just around the corner, Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) will begin work on 29 homes in Kinsley later this month.

In Hemsworth, 37 homes will then be refurbished shortly after.

Properties on Gargrave Crescent, Moorfield Crescent and Moorshutt Road are among those which will be refurbished.

The work is also set to transform the homes appearance by removing the iron sheet roofs.

WDH sustainability manager, Ben Stone, said: “We’re transforming properties, making them warmer and more comfortable for tenants and residents to live in.

“It’s part of our efforts to improve people’s lives.

“With gas prices increasing all the time, it’s providing them with an opportunity to reduce their annual heating bills by up to £500.”

A similar project by WDH earlier in the year transformed 77 non-traditional British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) homes in Airedale.

And future schemes are due to take place in Chequerfield, Pontefract and Flanshaw, Wakefield upon completion of the work in Kinsley and Hemsworth.

People who are not WDH tenants but live in BISF homes can also get the improvement works done.

For more information call 01924 247157.