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I AM the acting chairman of a group of residents on Minsthorpe Lane and we are desperately trying to find a way of reducing the amount of HGV traffic using this road.

The arguments are that a very expensive road has been built to alleviate this traffic, that thunders past their homes at an alarming rate, but it has not. This creates problems for the residents, who are concerned with the noise and vibration in their homes, the pollution and the safety issues for them and schoolchildren in the area.

Unfortunately appeals to the companies involved have remained unanswered and unheeded and advice from council officers is not encouraging. We are grateful for the recent resurfacing and promises of some more signage but it is not enough.

Is there any legal/highways expert who can spare the time to offer us some guidance on where to go next? I would also urge residents to report speeding vehicles to the police, whocan be further influenced by residents turning up at the next PACT meeting at Upton Village Hall on August 22 at 7.30pm.

Anyone who can offer some help or advice should call the parish clerk on 01977 643283.

Martyn Ward

Field Lane, Upton