Help families have a merry little Christmas

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The Express has once again teamed up with the Rotary Club of Wakefield Chantry and CAP (Community Awareness Programme) to support their annual Christmas Hamper Appeal.

It might only be the middle of October but it is already time to start appealing for donations if we are to help as many of our district’s families as possible over the festive season.

Last year - with the help of Express readers, local businesses and many organisations - the rotary club and CAP managed to gather and pack 1,053 hampers - beating the highest ever target of 1,000.

The appeal will be aiming for 1,000 hampers again this year.

Bob Guard, from the rotary club, said: “We have been privileged over the last few years to have had enormous help from club members and volunteers, including Ackworth School, so we will be looking again this year for a similar level of support. I am confident that, once again, the Christmas spirit will ensure that we get the same level of help for 2017 and we are able to meet our very ambitious target.”

We have always had amazing help from Express readers in the past and hope that we can encourage you all to help again this year.

The hampers, cash donations and individual items of food can be dropped off at the CAP centre on Market Street in Wakefield city centre. Hampers should include the basics of tea or coffee, sugar, long life milk, breakfast cereal, tinned potatoes or instant mash, chocolate biscuits, tinned vegetables and fruit, stuffing, fruit juice, instant dessert such as Angel Delight and chocolates or sweets. Other items could include jam or marmalade, pasta, rice, meat paste, tinned meat, gravy mix, pot noodles, pasta in sauce or cup-a-soups. Fresh food and alcohol should not be included.

The food is packed and wrapped into hampers by rotary club volunteers before being delivered to Children First Hubs, which have taken over the role carried out in the past by the Early Help Hubs.

The hubs - in Wakefield, Castleford, Hemsworth and Normanton - then deliver the finished hampers to deserving families across the region.

If you are making a financial contribution specifically, please make this clear when donating and it will only spent on the appeal. The deadlines for donations is December 1. Call 01924 381119 for more information.